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My Listing Manager is a FREE & easy to use system that gives you the ability to search, save & manage properties that meet your needs. You can also customize special email alerts so you receive the latest listings as soon as they are added to the MLS. Password Protected. No Obligation - No Spam - Cancel Anytime. More Info »

What's My Home Worth

Your home's value is important for a number of reasons: selling or refinancing your home, you need an equity loan to make some improvements, estimating your property tax bill, home insurance policy calculation, compute your return on remodeling costs, estate planning, and such. How much is your home worth? We can help... More Info »

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We offer quality real estate marketing and exposure that can lead to more buyers. More buyers can mean more offers. More offers can mean higher prices, faster closings and better deals. NAR says 91% of home buyers in todays market start their search online. See what we do help sell your home for the highest and best price... More Info »

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Marianne has represented my wife and I on 8 different real estate transactions (1 lease and 7 buy/sell transactions). Before Marianne, I had a different agent for each of the previous 4 real estate transactions that I had. Through all of our dealings, she has become a family friend as well as our agent for life. I can always count on her to do what she says she will do, aggressively marketing or searching for my properties, and always finding the…

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